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House Relocation

House removal of my home to another site.

Q. will you move my home to another location for me ?

Our priority is houses we have purchased.
Q. Will you move a house I have found, I want it moved from here to there.

Answer - No
These are the most common questions we get asked, We have to say sorry and that we specialise in buying houses which we then supply as a package to people, this process allows us to control the complete process from removal to resiting, and works out much better overall.

Our time is taken up purchasing suitable homes for relocation and then designing a package for clients to supply and resite these homes, This includes drawing plans, liasing with clients site visits, organising a building permit, house preparation, escort vehicles and permits, Transport, resiting, and of course prior to all of this is the preparation and removal permit before the house can be moved. All of this is our priority.
It will cost a bit more to purchase a package from us but you will be better off in the end, It costs just as much to do all of the above with an un renovated unsuitable home,
So we choose quality homes.

I have a house I would like to sell and have removed , what is involved?
Firstly the home will need to be in great condition, It is not worth moving houses that require extensive renovation.
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Reasons you should sell your house to a specialist company.

The house relocation industry is a small one, there are a few who move schools and transportable buildings, there are a few contractors who will move a home for a private person,
And there are a few of us who specialise in supplying and resiting homes, it is unwise to try and sell it privately as they will need to contact a specialist to move it , and find that they are busy, You may get stuck.

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This is impossible to define, but not as much as some people imagine.
All the cost in relocating a home is tied up in the considerable amount of effort required to complete the process, there is a ceiling as to its final value, people relocating want value for money, otherwise why bother.
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